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Race 4: Swamp Dash Relays 🍄

Saturday, August 17, 2024 | 9:30 AM

at Gators Bike Park

Based on feedback from race families, we’ve moved our last race up so that we complete the race season before September.

We head back to Gators Bike Park for the series finale.  The Swamp Dash Relay is a brand new race format to close out the season. Riders sign up as an individual.  Coaches will build teams of 4.  Complete as many laps as possible as a team in 1 hour.  Swamp water, live music, food trucks, merch, and more!

Riders must register to participate. The registration window is April 1 through midnight on the Sunday before the race.

Tip: Click on the side menu icon in the map below to reveal details about all markers and outlined areas.

Balance Bike & 3-6 CourseRelay Race Course
0.3 miles0.5 miles, 16 feet elevation
Novice course for 3-4 pedalers through the grass bowl and skills loop in the woods.Novice course for 5+ relay racers through the grass bowl, skills loop in the woods, and flow trail in the field.
Rider CategoryEstimated Start TimeRace FormatTeam Assignments
Balance Bikes9:30 AMStandard/Individual
Ages 3-49:45 AMStandard/Individual
🏅Awards & Course Change
Relay Group 1
🍄 Mushroom Cup
10:15 AMTeam Relay
Relay Group 2
🌺 Flower Cup
11:30 AMTeam Relay
Relay Group 3
⭐️ Star Cup
12:45 PMTeam Relay
Relay Group 4
⚡️ Lightning Cup
2:00 PMTeam Relay

When a racer completes a lap, they will dismount their bike before they enter the *Exchange Zone*, their lap will be recorded, and they run their bike to their tent.  Once at the tent, the next racer runs their bike to the end of the exchange zone and then rides their lap. 

Relay Race Rules

  • Cheer for your teammates!
  • The lap must be fully completed by the conclusion of the hour in order to count.
  • Racers are not permitted to ride their bikes in the pit/exchange zone.  They must jump off and push their bike.
  • Incoming racers must reach their tent and high-five their coach before the next rider can leave.
  • Riders must go in order (1,2,3,4,1,2…).  The exception is the last 5 minutes of the race.  Teams may have any racer start a lap in the last 5 minutes (i.e. you can pick your fastest rider to try to sneak in 1 more lap)
  • No laps will be allowed to start after the 58-minute mark.  Not even Justin Reeves rides a lap in less than 2 minutes!
  • Ties will be broken based on the time each team takes to complete all of their laps.  (For example, completing 12 laps in 57 minutes would beat a team that completes 12 laps in 59 minutes)
  • If a team member is a no-show on race day, the team will compete with only 3 riders.  If multiple team members are no-shows on race day then we will reshuffle some of the teams to ensure every team has a minimum of 3 riders.
  • For safety reasons, there are several sections on the course where passing is NOT permitted.  Do not pass in these areas.

Available for purchase on race day:
  • Gators Swag
  • Swamp Water
Amenities on Race Day:
  • First Aid / Emergency Response Crew
  • Port-a-John

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