For the best experience possible on the Gators Bike Team, please enroll your rider in the riding group (a.k.a. division) that best matches their riding ability.


Who: Riders who cannot balance on a bike with pedals yet, and, therefore use a “balance bike” that doesn’t have pedals. Ages 3+

What: This adorable group will learn how to cruise around Gators Bike Park using their feet to propel their bike forward, Fred Flinstone style!

When: Monday evenings at Gators Bike Park


Who: Riders who are still working on grasping the fundamentals of biking off-road and developing confidence on the trail. They are not yet ready to tackle all obstacles at Gators Bike Park. ROLLERS can also be capable younger riders who are limited by endurance.

What: Any bike with pedals; coaster or hand brakes.

When: Monday evenings at Gators Bike Park


Who: Riders with some level of previous instruction (or mountain bike trail experience) and regularly apply the fundamentals (e.g. eyes forward, pedals level over obstacles, brakes covered). They can confidently navigate small obstacles at Gator Bike Park.

What: This group will learn to tackle more challenging features at Gator Bike Park such as the Snake Ladder Bridge, Lilypads, & Log Skinny. They will gain experience using a hand brake lever and manipulating gears. Geared bikes with handbrakes are preferred.

When: Monday evenings at Gators Bike Park


Who: SHREDDERS are experienced mountain bikers who have demonstrated mastery of most Gator Bike Park features and are ready to tackle longer rides and more challenging terrain. Ages 7+

What: Practices are 2 hours and can cover up to 4 or 5 miles on the tree-rooted terrain at Alum Creek. Bikes equipped with hand brakes & gears only.

When: Tuesday evenings at Alum Creek Beginner Loop & Gnomewood

TO SHRED OR NOT TO SHRED, THAT IS THE QUESTION! The best way to figure out if your rider is ready to SHRED is a trip out to the Beginner Loop at Alum Creek! Have an adult lead the ride, and be ready to walk any sections that you don’t feel comfortable with. SHREDDERS should be capable of completing the Beginner loop & some features of Gnomewood with minimal dismounting. If riders don’t feel comfortable with the beginner’s loop, stick to ROLLERS/GRINDERS at Gators Bike Park.


Who: Our most advanced riding group is by invitation only! The invitation must come from a Gators coach who has assessed riding ability. If you are ready to RIP but are new to the team, please contact well in advance of the registration open date.

What: This group works with our most experienced coaches. RIPPERS get in tons of miles as they RIP through all the terrain at Alum Creek and beyond.

When: Tuesday evenings at Alum Creek P1 & P2

Note: If you have not received a RIPPERS invitation & register for RIPPERS anyway, your registration will be canceled.

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