Registration Closed

The 2024 Gators MTB registration is now closed. Unfortunately we have folks that wanted to ride with us this year and didn’t get in. Waitlisters, please be patient as we try to make room for as many of you as possible.

Selling out brings a mix of emotions to the volunteers that run Gators MTB Team. We are so happy that there is a high demand to ride bikes–that is our sole mission and vision! We are also sad that we can’t do more at this time.

Please know that we put rider education at the utmost importance of what we do and will not take on more riders without the ability to properly teach kids the fundamentals and riding technique necessary to participate in our sport. We pride ourselves in small group teaching/coaching and keeping the kid-to-coach ratio favorable. We also don’t have trail space to put all the kids!

If you didn’t get on this year’s team, you still have opportunities to ride! The trails at Gators Bike Park are always open to the PUBLIC, weather permitting, and except on race days. Please check out our EDuGATOR videos for tips on riding at GBP.

Also, please consider signing up for a kids bike race this year. Riders do not have be on the Gators Bike Team to participate in the Gators Race Series!

Thanks for supporting the mission and vision of getting kids off the couch, away from screens, and into the seat!