Wheelie Fun Trade Up Program

Outgrowing your bike? Trade Up at Wheelie Fun!

Kids grow up fast. Buying a new bike every few years can be expensive. Wheelie Fun’s Trade-up program reduces the cost of upgrading to a new kid’s bicycle, so your child can always have a bike that fits them and that’s fun to ride.

Trade in any 12″ 16″ 20″ 24″ bike you purchase from Wheelie Fun to receive a 50% credit of the original purchase price toward a new bike for your child.

And if that’s not enough, Gators team members get 20% off of accessories for their bikes as well! Oh, and hey parents – 10% off of everything for you too! (no double dipping on discounts though – we’ve got you’re number!)

So great to have such a strong supporter backing our program! Wheelie Fun Bike Shop: STRONG SPOKES supporting the WHEEL!