This year, WE RIDE!

We hope the vaccination gives us a chance to ride bikes together this summer!  Here is information regarding our bike team that will help you moving into 2021.

REGISTRATION – We plan to open registration in March/April. You will find info regarding registration opening on our TrailGators website or on Gators Bike Park Facebook page once we have our race schedule built and opened online registration to the public.  Check back often during that time frame…

SEASON CALENDAR – We purposefully carry a light summer schedule knowing how busy summers get for families! Although we didn’t race in 2020, check out last year’s schedule to get an idea of what the season would have looked like.

Generally speaking, each team member will have 5 practices that will take place either on Monday (at Gators Bike Park) or Tuesday (Gnomewood Skills Park), depending on their skill group. These practices are spread out over the summer.  Our team has 4 races we attend, with the last being the Swamp Dash at Gators Bike Park in mid-September. We also do an optional team campout at Dillon State Park – which is a blast if you camp, and are looking to add another campout at John Bryant due to the popularity. We are not super competitive in what we do, but instead, work on individual improvement and being a strong team member. Ultimately, we like to think of ourselves as a big, 2-wheeled party!