Season Cancelled

Dear GBP MTB Families,

I am sending this message to you all with a heavy heart.  

We communicated to all of you on June 16th, that we would be holding our 2020 GBP MTB season and we would use a new, small team format practice plan to help provide a safe environment in midst of the current pandemic.  Since that point, the COVID numbers have once again begun to rise.  This fact rekindled conversations between our coaches and board members on our responsibilities to the Gators Bike Park race members, the families involved, and the coaches who serve on the team.  

Without going into the many details surrounding these conversations, we have reevaluated our position of holding a 2020 race season and have decided to err on the side of safety and caution.  Therefore, we have decided to cancel our 2020 Gators bike season.  Monday’s Parent Meeting has been canceled as well.

Although this decision inevitably will be met with a vast number of varied responses and emotions from many of you, please keep in mind that this decision is based solely on the safety of all who are involved in our GBP programming.

In closing, the decisions leading up to this point have been some of the most difficult ones I have ever been involved in.  As disappointing as the news may be, I hope you understand the intent behind it.  We honor and value the privilege of working with your children and want nothing to jeopardize that, nor put at risk the kids and the many who spend their time with our trail riders.  We hope all of you will choose to return next season to the GBP MTB team.  Stay safe and hug your loved ones.

With kindest regards,
Rick Armstrong